Staffordshire University Academies Trust (SUAT) is comprised of 20 schools spread throughout Staffordshire.

Why would you join SUAT?

Staffordshire University formed our Trust in 2014 in order to offer schools in Staffordshire, and the surrounding areas, a community within which they can build upon their success whilst experiencing greater security and stability.

Our academies are encouraged to develop relationships with others across the Trust so that they can share knowledge in order to improve our pupils’ educational experience. We are also very keen for them to continue to strengthen links with other schools in their District.

At SUAT, we’re committed to achieving a high level of excellence to ensure the success of every pupil by enabling them to accomplish their full potential and become equipped to lead a successful adult life.

Our relationships are built upon trust as we seek to support and further develop your school so that you can offer the very best learning environment to your pupils.

Here are a few of the ways we’ll care for your pupils, staff and school when you’re a part of our Trust…


As a Trust, we work in partnership with our schools to deliver objectives through a combination of shared staff development and customised quality assurance processes.

We believe that working in partnership liberates, energises and develops teachers and schools to help them improve learning experiences for our young people.

However, we recognise that each of our academies, and their communities, have something unique to share. That’s why – even though the Board of SUAT is legally responsible for each academy – we encourage our academies to nurture their individual identity and delegate very significant powers to the Local Governing Body.


As a part of SUAT you’ll be linked to the outstanding Education Department at Staffordshire University. This resource will give your school access to unrivalled expertise to help support and develop your teaching provision.

You will experience significant support when leading and managing your school.

Further development opportunities will also be available through training arranged by our Director of Learning in conjunction with the university’s Education Department. There will be support for enrichment and extracurricular activities, Ofsted inspection preparation, community engagement and reputation management.

Central services

At SUAT our central team of eight staff provide more than a group compliance function. We offer high quality expertise and targeted support.

In essence, SUAT offers support via central core functions such as strategic direction and planning, policies and procedures, financial planning, insurance and risk management coordination.

Our aim is that every academy reaches its potential. We also deliver support with legal issues, communication, strategic staffing and asset management. This means teachers and school staff can focus on what’s really important; educating young people.

If you’re interested in finding out more of the great benefits of being a part of our Multi-Academy Trust, click here.


Join the Trust

If you are interested in joining Staffordshire University Academies Trust then please get in touch for a chat to discuss our services and all the options available to you.  Working together we will raise standards.