We have recently secured £20,000 for Horton St Michael’s First School and Nursery to replace their damaged car park and driveway.

A landmark project undertaken at Horton St Michael’s school in Rudyard, Leek, was promptly progressed, taking just one week, and has completely transformed the car park and driveway. It now provides a safe environment for the pupils that attend the school in Leek and will for many years to come.

As the previous surface was in such poor condition, there was risk of the area deteriorating further over the cold winter months and posing an access risk to the staff and children at Horton St Michael’s. This meant that the full renovation of the school car park and driveway was a priority for the Trust and school.

The restoration began with a complete excavation of the damaged area, before an entirely new drainage system was installed. The school’s driveway and car park surface has been laid with stone mastic asphalt (SMA), which is a durable surfacing material and is suitable for heavily trafficked roads. It provided the perfect solution for the school’s busy car park and driveway to future-proof the area.

Installation of a new woven polypropylene weed suppressant membrane was also crucial to protect the asphalt from cracking, which would cause potholes to re-appear in the future.

Lesley Montgomery, Horton St Michael’s Head Teacher is very pleased with the finished project. She said: “The school’s driveway and car park were in such poor condition. It had been repaired numerous times over the years, however it had begun to present a real health and safety risk to our pupils, staff, and parents.

“Uneven surface levels presented a concern that vehicles would get damaged. This was further complicated by poor drainage. The potholes were often hidden by large puddles, which was a danger to both pedestrians and cars.

“As a school, we are very thankful to SUAT for providing the crucial funds needed to completely renovate our car park facilities. I am proud to head a school that is a part of this fantastic Trust, that truly has their members’ best interests at heart.”

Rachel Bailye, Interim CEO at SUAT said: “At SUAT, we believe that our Academies should be at the heart of their communities; that education goes beyond the classroom and the school day. Every person’s role within the Trust is to deliver outstanding provision in whatever domain, so that maximum progress by the pupils can be made.

“SUAT is always willing to speak to schools who are looking to join a progressive and supportive trust. The Trust can apply for vital funding on behalf of its schools, freeing up teacher’s time to focus on the next generation’s education. This means that projects such as the renovation of Horton St Michael’s car park and driveway can be carried out efficiently.”

If you are interested in joining Staffordshire University Academies Trust, then please get in touch to discuss our services and all the options available to you. Working together we will raise standards. Alternatively, contact us via email office@suatrust.co.uk or call 01782 987120.

Horton St Michaels new carpark