Recently, students from one of our academies, Staffordshire University Academy 6th Form (SUA6) were invited to attend the launch of Staffordshire University’s new flagship 8,800 sqm facility, The Catalyst.

Spread over four storeys, the inspiring building is now complete, following a significant £42 million investment by the University.

We are passionate about achieving the best outcomes for our pupils and students so it’s fantastic to see young people given the opportunity to experience what’s available to them, should they take the route of further education.

Owen Dyson, a Year 12 student at SUA6, was one of the first visitors to take a tour of the new digitally enabled space, led by Staffordshire University Ambassadors. With his peers, he took part in activities that had been planned by the University students to welcome the Academy including two Sports Therapy tests.

Aspiring to train as a P.E. teacher, Owen said: “It’s been a fantastic opportunity to visit the new Catalyst building here on Staffordshire University’s Leek Road campus. I’m very impressed with the architecture and facilities that are available to students and the wider business community.

“Staffordshire University was one of my first choices when considering my further education. After seeing the new facility, it’s opened my eyes to what could be an incredible experience, should I apply for a Physical Education degree course here.”

Dr Neil Silcock, Head of SUA6 commented: “It’s been incredible to see SUA6’s students experience this remarkable facility. Some of our Year 12s were tentative about whether university would suit them, however I could quickly see a difference in their outlook.”

The digital-first flagship facility augments the University’s commitment to work-based learning as it’s pledging to grow the numbers of skilled apprentices and raise education levels in Staffordshire.

Neil continued: “The collaborative and innovative nature of the building establishes Staffordshire University as a digital practitioner in the education sector. I’m sure that, if our students decided to attend Staffordshire University as a traditional student or through a degree apprenticeship, they would not only ascertain valuable skills, but thrive here too.”

At SUAT, we aspire to a sustainable future for our academies so that outstanding achievement and progress can be secured for generations of pupils. Through training and dedicated support, all of our Academy staff members are enthused to be inspirational leaders and outstanding practitioners.

The Trust’s four core objectives aim to equip our pupils and students with real life skills that prepare them for the digital world. We strive to build their resilience so they can adapt to their circumstances and lived experiences.

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