Staffordshire University Christmas Carol Service 2023

Members of the SUAT central team have enjoyed spending time at Stoke Minster during a festive Christmas Carol service, arranged and hosted by Staffordshire University for their local community. The Trust gives many thanks to the staff and pupils of St Luke’s CE Academy, for attending and supporting the service, and for their valued contributions.

During the celebration, we heard the story of Christmas through heartening readings, which were accompanied by a variety of carols. Thanks were given by the University, at this special time of year, before pupils from school choir of St Luke’s CE Academy, in years 3 to 6, stood to an applause from the audience, to sing their choice of Christmas song in an uplifting performance, including a beautiful rendition of ‘It Was on a Starry Night’ and ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

The service was enjoyed by all who attended. The Trust is incredibly proud of and inspired by the performances given by the children of St Luke’s whose lights were shining throughout the service, and beyond. St Luke’s school motto, ‘Helping Lights Shine for All,’ emphasis their focus on the uniqueness of every child, their belief and commitment to gospel values and a determination to meet the needs and extend the potential of each child, for the benefit of all.

SUAT is passionate about achieving the best outcomes for our pupils and students, and supporting a wide range of experiences which enhance the education and wellbeing of the children of Staffordshire. We are very pleased to have been invited to Staffordshire University’s community Christmas Carol Service, which forms part of their programme of chaplaincy events, to celebrate the festivals of various faiths.

Proceeds from the service have supported very worthy, local charities, including Alice Charity which helps families within the Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme areas, and the Horizon Fund which was created in 2013 to help actualise the dreams of Staffordshire University students and breakdown financial barriers they may have, to transform lives and create better futures.

SUAT is proud to be sponsored by Staffordshire University, as we expand on our opportunities to engage with functions which offer enrichment opportunities to our academies and create lasting memories.