St Peter’s Academy create a ‘Prayer Hive’

During a STEAM event dedicated to bees and the environment, St Peter’s learnt how some bees are solitary bees but that honey bees, in particular, work together to create a self-sustaining hive which in turn helps them to nurture their young and make one of life’s greatest treasures – Honey!


They learnt how the bees work together in colonies to maximum effect. This led on to a thought… Kate Woods a Teaching Assistant at St Peter’s Academy decided to create a ‘Prayer Hive’. The children then set to writing their own prayer, about anything they felt was important to them, each prayer was then rolled into a hexagon prism and placed into the hive. Each day a prayer is chosen at random from the hive to be shared in St Peter’s daily act of worship.


The children at St Peter’s Academy, Alton understand how important it is to be mutually supportive of each other and just like the bees follow the same ethos ‘Stronger Together’.