At Staffordshire University Academies Trust we encourage our Academies to highlight the importance of physical activity and of taking care of your health to all of our pupils.

Taking part in exercise can play an important role in leading a healthier lifestyle. That’s why we’re keen for our schools to participate in National Fitness Day on 22 September. It’s a fantastic way to have fun joining in with a range of activities and sports, such as:

  • Yoga classes
  • Dance-offs
  • Treadmill challenges
  • HIIT workout sessions
  • Plank offs
  • Mass walks

Trying out new activities with friends and family equips you with the knowledge and skills to recognise and manage emotions.

National Fitness Day is the perfect way to do this as it’s aimed at everyone, not just fitness fanatics. Did you know starting the day off in an active way can make you feel more energetic, happy and less stressed?

Getting pupils interested in fitness at a young age will encourage them to maintain healthier habits after they leave education.

Receiving support from teachers, parents and friends is an important factor to increasing your motivation to exercise because they help give you an emotional boost.

National Fitness Day is the perfect opportunity for all our schools to come together and get involved. Its main aim is to celebrate what fitness means to us, promoting the idea that everyone deserves good health.

To find more information about how to take part in National Fitness Day and what events are taking place in your local area, visit:

If you have any more questions about National Fitness Day, you can also email:

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