Staffordshire University Academies Trust and Moorgate Primary Academy were proud to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Moorgate joining the Trust this week. Pupils, staff, and the school community spent a morning reflecting on the history of the school and celebrating the many achievements and milestones that have been experienced over the last decade and beyond, which can be attributed to the dedication and commitment of our leaders, staff, children, LAC and communities.

Headteacher, Jonathan Williams said, “I want to pay tribute to the hard-working staff and children of Moorgate and our SUAT Central Team and how they have absolutely embraced the journey that we have been on as a school. Being part of SUAT has enabled us to thrive as a school and adopt ‘finger on the pulse’ research from across the globe into our day-to-day teaching.”

Looking back to 2011, the school had 217 children and 8 classes spread over 3 buildings; as of July 2024, the Academy has developed significantly, providing an educational environment which allows 315 children, 12 classes and a Nursery to flourish and thrive, in a beautiful new building which was commissioned in 2015 and is well cared for by the school.

At the forefront of ongoing development of the Academy and provision is Moorgate’s leadership team. The Academy has been committed to continually enhancing their facilities and opportunities for children; some of the many developments include an amazing forest school area, complete with outdoor classrooms and the Hollins Wood Lodge, the EYFS playground complete with large play area, the trim trail playground, astro turfing the multi-use games area (MUGA) and and orienteering course taking children to the four corners of the wonderful site.

In November 2023, Moorgate experienced their latest Ofsted inspection and retained Good in all areas, with outstanding features recognised for Leadership, EYFS and Safeguarding.

“Leaders, in partnership with the Trust, invest significantly in staff training and development. For example, good links with the School of Education at Staffordshire University are used well to develop staff and enhance their leadership skills. This results in a team of staff who feel valued and motivated to do the best for the pupils in their care. Their increased confidence and skill development has built leadership capacity.”

“‘Pupils enjoy attending Moorgate Primary Academy. They happily live the school motto: achieve, challenge, enjoy. The school does all it can to make sure pupils attend regularly and on time. Pupils know that they can put their worries in the worry box. They know that staff listen to and act on any worries or concerns they have. Pupils enjoy opportunities to broaden their experiences in the school’s curriculum enrichment offer ‘50 things to do before you leave Moorgate’. They achieve well.”

During the celebrations, children provided a tour of the school to visitors, sharing their keen knowledge of the Academy’s environment and facilities, and showcasing their learning and achievements. Children participated in activities surrounding the number ‘10’ and through collaborative working put together a giant map of the Trust academies and learnt more about SUAT and our family of schools. The morning finished with a commemorative and uplifiting assembly, and a Moorgate school song, sung beautifully by the whole school.

Staffordshire University Academies Trust is proud to work in partnership with Moorgate Primary Academy.