Mental Health Series – Take Notice

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, one of our aims is to ensure that people take notice of what is happening around themselves.

When other people make decisions, whether they’re big or small, they can often affect a wide range of people, which is why it’s always important to consider what’s happening around you.

Suggestions of things to take notice of include:


You can’t always tell what’s happening in other people’s lives or what they are thinking so it’s important to check in with those closest to you. Take notice of how they’re feeling and whether they need any support or guidance.


Taking notice of the world around us is important if we are to look after our natural environment. Keeping our planet healthy and accessible for future generations will allow you to connect with nature and experience the positive impact that this great resource can have for your mental health.


While politics can be a series of decisions and debates, taking notice of what leaders are saying in terms of access to, and quality of, nature is an environmental issue as well as a mental health and social justice one.

With a new Environment Bill set to go through the UK Parliament this year, 2021 is going to be an important year for nature.

The Bill will shape the natural world for generations to come and so there couldn’t be a more important time to understand the connection between nature and mental health. At Staffordshire University Academies Trust, we’re working hard to protect nature by educating and sharing the wonders of this great resource with our pupils.  You can find out more about the values and objectives of our Trust at:


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