Meet our Designated Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Amy Hatfield. Trained as a counsellor, Amy has run her own wellbeing business for over 10 years, which began as a holistic practise, before it evolved quickly into supporting mental health.

Now, Amy provides incomparable support for our Academy pupils, teachers, and their families in her capacity as a partner to SUAT. This help has been invaluable to everyone that she has assisted, for the past two years.

Amy’s services are provided for all Academies within the Trust, which means that it can be a challenging task to manage but ensures that very effective support is available to all Academies that need it. At SUAT, we operate a referral system which is overseen at our headquarters. The HQ team are contacted by schools and individuals with requests for Amy’s support, and these are then reviewed before being placed in priority order. Academies can send a referral at any time, and appointments are accommodated as soon as possible.

Amy commented: “Looking after your mental health has been challenging for many individuals over the pandemic, and people will be affected by their emotions for a long time afterwards. It is so important to me to make sure that everyone gets the help that they need, as early as possible.”

“In partnership with SUAT, my role involves reviewing certain policies that may affect the wellbeing of their pupils and staff whilst adhering to Department for Education (DfE) directives.

Amy continued: “One of my priorities is making sure that everyone involved with the Academies and Trust is more ‘wellbeing aware,’ and being closely involved with the many changes to ensure it is a safe space for mental health.”