A bespoke, purpose-built nursery building has created a valuable space for the children at Littleton Green Community School in Cannock which is part of our Trust.

The significant project began in May 2021 and opened its doors to the children in October 2021. It includes a 90m2 building which is accompanied by an external soft play area, completing the already extensive early years playground.

We supported Littleton Green Community School in managing the project from implementation to completion.  The school managed to self-fund the building with support from our financial department to gain best value. At SUAT, we support our Academies in achieving outstanding performance through partnership, encouragement, and collaboration.

The energy-efficient building is cladded with cedar and features safety glass panelling which reflects the aesthetics of the school’s estate. Inside, LED lighting is installed throughout to help limit the carbon impact of the building. Alongside this, the building is heated with ultramodern air source heat pumps, ensuring a perfect climate year-round to allow the pupils to learn effectively.

Pupils are now able to use this dedicated space throughout the academic day and are supported by appointed trained and qualified Early Years Practitioners who’re suitably equipped with tools for teaching and learning.  The building has also offered the school the opportunity to extend their before and after school provision, ensuring our working families are supported.

The pre-existing building had met its limit of available space through Littleton Green Community School’s continuing success and growth, with pupil numbers increasing by 32% from 2018 to 2020, and further increases predicted in the current academic year.

Littleton Green Community School plans to utilise the new building as a group teaching space, enabling its teachers to tailor to individual needs in an environment that supports the capability for smaller teaching groups.

Mrs Lynn Thorneycroft, Executive Headteacher at Littleton Green Community School said: “Our whole school curriculum involves practical, hands-on activities and environments that encourage creative learning, this all starts in our early years department.

“Our emphasis is on developing pupils’ artistic expression, social capacities, creative arts and analytical thinking. This runs throughout our school, fostering a love of learning and encouraging children to be unique.”

The school has provided exceptional internal and external learning space that aligns with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards. It looks to supply a quality and consistent learning experience in all early years settings, so that every child makes good progress.

This space will go a long way in offering rich learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of each individual child, equally and without discrimination.

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