We were recently pleased to update our calculation of the savings we’ve achieved for the 20 schools within our trust.

This year, we recorded savings to the schools of £268,093k in annual costs with an additional £75,312 saved in long-term contracts.

The total recorded that we saved is £343,405 and we’ve reached this considerable figure by either funding the costs directly, negotiating discounts, or by applying for grants on behalf of the academies.

Together, all three avenues mean that the schools can redirect funding to what matters to them most, teaching and learning resources. Fundamentally, it also frees up a significant amount of capacity in the academies so that school leaders, teachers, and staff can focus on the pupils.

The Trust has covered the cost of essentials such as PS Financials, training platform The National College, wellbeing and counselling support, marketing and website support, property services and much more. Our central team has also negotiated savings in areas such as the Health and Safety SLA with Staffordshire County Council, Grounds Maintenance SLA, and a five-year photocopier contract.

Significantly, we also successfully bid for a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme worth £125,168 for a new energy-efficient heating system in one academy.

The amount we save the academies within our trust is substantial. We work hard from our central office to support our schools in any way they need us, whether it relates to education or business. We’re pleased to release these figures as we’re proud of the work we have achieved as a collective to improve 20 academies across Staffordshire. We are looking to continue supporting them in both monetary and time savings.

Budgeting and money savings aren’t always the number one benefit of joining SUAT, we also take a significant amount of admin from each school. Any contracts which need tendering are done centrally for them so they can direct their focus more to the education of young people.

SUAT is always willing to speak to schools looking to join a progressive and supportive trust. For more information visit: www.suatrust.co.uk or email khollins@suatrust.co.uk

For press enquiries please contact Kirsty Hewson kirsty@plinkfizz.com / 01782 630 777


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