Delegation of responsibilities to Local Academy Councils (LAC)

MAT Board


Development of core vision and principles
Determining level of delegation to each LAC

Strategic Management

Recruitment of each Academy’s Headteacher
(jointly with individual LAC chair)
Involvement in recruitment of senior staff and MAT Chief Operating Officer
Performance management of Headteachers (with LAC chairs)
Individual Academy’s and MAT target-setting , and each Academy’s development plans sign-off
Approval of individual Academy budgets
Staff contracts and policies
MAT Academy’s marketing and PR

Network Management

Financial and administrative policies
Planning, budgeting and reporting procedures
Statutory compliance and risk management
IT network strategy
Major procurement policies


Oversight of overall curriculum models
Oversight of curriculum and assessment provision and support in core subject areas (literacy, mathematics)
Support for Academy improvement and development plan implementation
School monitoring and quality assurance

Local Academy Council


Implementation of MAT mission/values/aspirations
Educational offering (in line with MAT policies)
Approval of overall curriculum models
Attainment and progress reports
School development plan implementation
Budget management (delegated powers)
Special needs provision
Statutory compliance and risk management (health and safety, equality etc)
Pupil admissions
Pupil discipline and exclusions

Oversight of staff matters and performance management

Review staffing structure for efficiency and affordability
Evaluate performance management systems
Other staff matters

Help with relationships and marketing

Parent relations
Pupil recruitment
Community activities and relationships
Other locally co-ordinated activities

Establishment and review of policies

Establish and review MAT policies and procedures.

Click here for the decision planner – This planner shows delegation of responsibilities within the MAT.


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