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Academies Trust

Staffordshire University Academies Trust (SUAT) is a family of schools, which comprises of fourteen academies with one Trust Board and a Local Academy Council (Local Governing Body) in each academy.  SUAT promotes high aspirations and excellence for all. Our aim is to develop a strong partnership between the academies, pupils, and the wider community in order to secure an outstanding learning experience for everyone.  We have high expectations and strive to create independent learners fit for the demands of the 21st Century.

SUAT has set itself three core objectives:

  • To support academies in Staffordshire, across all tiers, in their journey to sustained outstanding performance through partnership, support and collaboration
  • Develop, support and train staff so that they can be inspirational leaders, outstanding teachers and excellent supporters of student learning
  • Lead a sustainable future for our academies so that outstanding performance can be secured for future generations of students




About the Sponsor


Staffordshire University has a long and proud history of providing high quality, progressive and inclusive Higher Education for people from across Staffordshire, the region, the UK and the rest of the world.  It is passionate about transforming the lives and aspirations of the individuals and communities it serves.  With over 20,000 students and an annual turnover in excess of £120m, Staffordshire University leads the sector on access, partnerships and flexible provision.  It also has a significant international presence. 

Building upon their expertise and excellence in educational practice, research and consultancy, the university is a major provider of educational opportunities for children, young adults and mature learners.

Through their highly regarded Education Department, they work in partnership locally, nationally and internationally in the development, brokerage and application of learning and learning policy related knowledge. They work in this area in order to explicitly improve the quality of learning for children, young people and adults.


About The Trust

SUAT is a growing Multi-Academy Trust with an eclectic, cross-phase family of academies with the common aim of continuous school improvement through challenge, collaboration and support.

We have a strong reputation for working in partnership with schools, and we believe that this work liberates, energises and develops teachers and schools to improve teaching and improve all educational outcomes for children and young people.

When you look around at the academy landscape you could easily form a view that one size fits all. Our belief is that our partnership should be bespoke. We are all different and therefore our needs are unique within a unique context.

The partnership aims to deliver these objectives through a combination of core values and vision, common approaches, MAT-wide structures and systems, shared staff development and practice, standard quality assurance processes and integrated leadership.



We recognise that each of our academies, and their communities, has something unique to share as well as having individual needs that other schools in the Trust can support. Whilst the Board of SUAT is legally responsible for each academy, we believe that by nurturing a culture of individual identity, each academy will reflect its own diversity and uniqueness. We recognise the vital importance of autonomy.  Every academy has its own context and challenges.  This is why we encourage our member academies to lead and manage in a way that preserves their individual identity and responds to the specific needs of their children and community.


About the Trust

Our vision is to achieve better outcomes for all of our young people by:

  • raising standards of achievement by focussing on the core business of learning and teaching
  • delivering a skills based curriculum that is tailored to individual learning needs
  • promoting the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development of every learner
  • working together to maximise the power of mutual collaboration and support
  • sharing resources, staff, areas of expertise and facilities to achieve economies of scale
  • developing highly effective leadership at all levels and seeking to pool strategic capacity

Staffordshire University Academies Trust
Kern House
Stone Business Park
Brooms Road
Staffordshire, ST15 0TL

01782 987120




At the same time our aim is to realise the values upon which SUAT is founded. In order to do this, we will:

  • be non-selective and operate a truly comprehensive admissions system
  • build our partnership on mutual respect and trust
  • encourage a climate of openness and honesty
  • seek to engage effectively and inclusively with our local communities
  • welcome and support innovation
  • have high expectations of all young people and one another
  • recognise that effective partnership working is the responsibility of all to sustain and nurture and is not reliant upon individuals
  • seek to recognise the distinctive ethos and celebrate the traditions of all of the Academies in the MAT


All Saints CE

Our school aims to foster a Christian, caring ethos in which children thrive by celebrating achievement and making sure they feel valued and secure. All children are taught to respect others and they are provided with exciting learning opportunities, standards and the expectations of behaviour are high. We offer our children a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that includes all the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The school aims to provide the best possible educational opportunities to enable all children to achieve their full potential as well as activities outside the classroom that both enrich and inspire all pupils.


Boney Hay

Boney Hay Primary Academy is a happy caring place with a dedicated and enthusiastic staff and over 170 super children. The school is situated next to the open area of Gentleshaw Common and is very close to Cannock Chase, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

As a former Middle School building, we have a spacious environment, with excellent facilities.

Little People Nursery is now located at our school , with morning and afternoon session available.

The Child is the Centre



Charnwood Primary Academy’s mission is to ensure that the education your child receives here with us will enable them to achieve their academic potential and ensure progress in all areas. It is also part of our vision that all our children are filled with positive experiences, that they are aware of the endless possibilities that await them and that they are nurtured in order to develop within them, a confidence to embrace whatever comes their way. We are a very happy and friendly school where we all strive to be the best we can be and are proud of our achievements. 

All the staff recognise children as unique individuals with specific talents and needs.  They work tirelessly to provide a varied and engaging curriculum and a positive school experience. You’ll find our classrooms to be hives of activity and full of creativity and learning, making Charnwood a special place for everyone. We work hard in our learning and enjoy sharing our knowledge with each other and the local community.


John Wheeldon

John Wheeldon has a long and proud history which we treasure and relish being a part of as we continue the skilled job of educating children. As an Academy part of the Staffordshire University Academies Trust,  we are committed to providing the best kind of learning experiences to each and every child whilst being truly entwined in our community.

We strive to deliver a curriculum which responds to our modern, fast changing world, for example Information and Communication technology, whilst retaining the more traditional subjects such as Music. We place high importance on values for life such as respect and responsibility for ourselves and for others.


Littleton Green

Our school is located within the parish of Huntington set on the edge of the beautiful Cannock Chase.  Our school is for boys and girls from 3 – 11 and is maintained by Staffordshire University Academies Trust. We also offer sessional day care for children over 3 years in our Nursery and Wrap around and now cater for children aged 2 years in our Saplings Pre-school.

We aim to motivate and challenge each pupil creatively, physically and academically to take full advantage of the opportunities we provide. We celebrate differences in personal need and offer opportunities to develop potential and individual talents.

We aim to develop sensitivity and awareness, encouraging everyone to treat each other and their environment with respect.  We want pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their actions, learning and achievements and also be prepared for the life ahead.



Moorgate is a very friendly Academy with caring and supportive staff. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children to develop into learners for life.

Our Academy vision is simple; Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy!  In essence this means we strive for our children to achieve their best, challenge themselves and enjoy their learning.  We place a big emphasis on this vision in all that we do; through the curriculum we deliver, through the opportunities that we provide for children and their families and also through the community which we so strongly value.



Welcome to Perton Primary Academy. We feel privileged to share an inspirational journey in your child’s learning with you.  Together with our Local Governing Body and high calibre, dedicated staff team we look forward to a valued partnership with our parents.

As with all that we do we feel a great sense of excitement, and pride, as we aim to make our school a resource that our community can be very proud of, and we welcome new families who join us.

Our close-knit community is valued for its ongoing support and involvement as we celebrate the children’s many achievements together.

We believe that Every child has the great potential of ‘Much in Little’ and hope that every Family welcomed through our doors upholds the Fundamental British Values and shares our Vision to work together to ‘Enable Successful Futures’ for All.


St Augustine’s
CE Academy

Our school aims to foster a Christian, caring ethos in which children thrive by celebrating achievement and making sure they feel valued and secure. All children are taught to respect others and they are provided with exciting learning opportunities, standards and the expectations of behaviour are high.

At St Augustine's CE Academy we aim to prepare our students to become good citizens of the future. Through our curriculum we teach pupils British values and how to celebrate diversity. We aim to raise their awareness of radicalisation and extremist views, whatever the source. 

"Believe and Achieve"


St. Edwards CE
Academy Cheddleton

Welcome to St. Edward’s CE Academy Cheddleton. We are very proud of our school and its achievements.  We continually strive to provide a learning environment that is fully inclusive, happy and caring; a safe and secure place that enables everyone to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to build fulfilling lives.

We have a hardworking, enthusiastic and committed staff who, supported by the Local Governing Body and Staffordshire University Academies Trust, believe in the benefits of working as a team, which includes parents/carers, the church and the wider community.  This team approach optimises learning for all our children enabling them to flourish and to be all they wish and can be.


St Peter’s CE

St Peter’s is a small rural school set in the beautiful village of Alton, Staffordshire. The school is located close to St Peter’s Parish Church and is a member of the Diocese of Lichfield. The school aims to foster a Christian, caring ethos in which children thrive by celebrating achievement and making sure they feel valued and secure. All children are taught to respect others and are provided with exciting learning opportunities.

Standards of teaching, achievement and expectations of behaviour are high. Parents are attracted to the caring ethos of our small school. Underpinning all that we do are the Christian values, chosen by the children, of Love, Respect and Friendship.

Growing in Faith



At Staffordshire University Academy we aim to nurture all students to ensure they are happy and confident learners. Through an environment that provides inclusive learning opportunities for all; they can achieve their personal best and aspire to be successful in the future.

At SUA we have a strategic approach to school improvement and, therefore, we strive to be educationally effective in the short term, but have a clear framework and processes to translate core moral purpose and vision into excellent educational provision that is challenging and sustainable in the medium to long term.


Tynsel Parkes
CE Primary

Tynsel Parkes Primary Academy is a happy family team of people who are constantly striving for excellence.  Our children are placed at the centre of all that we do and this is underpinned by our Christian foundations.

Our children learn in a safe, secure, happy, high-quality learning environment; where they are encouraged to be risk takers.

Our missions is for all to feel valued and special and this is reflected in our children's outstanding behaviour and happy, confident learning attitudes. Every day is filled with laughter, fun and exciting learning.

We are very proud of our academy and love to share this special place with all our visitors.

Learning and Loving Together

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