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We're on the last stretch but you
must still take care of your wellbeing.

We're on the last stretch but you
must still take care of your wellbeing.

Spring has almost sprung and we can all see an end to this past year of lockdowns and restrictions. It’s been widely talked about how it could have impacted everyone’s mental health, but it’s essential you continue to put yourself first.

Staff and pupils across all 20 of our schools have done an excellent job throughout the pandemic. We know our pupils, parents and staff rose to the challenge of remote learning and handled social distancing brilliantly because we all worked together to support one another. We’re so incredibly proud to see the amazing effort everyone put in.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to you all. Thank you to our pupils who are working so hard on their education even with all the changes. Thank you to parents who heroically took on a job they never thought they’d have to. Finally, thank you to our staff who continue to work incredibly hard to offer the best learning experience and pastoral care even when we couldn’t be face-to-face.

With the possibility of more social times ahead, we must remember, we’re not out of the dark yet and so it’s important to look after yourself in preparation of potential disappointments. Now more than ever, self-care is so important for your health and happiness.

To keep you on track, we’ve put together a few things that we enjoy doing that can help maintain your mental wellbeing during this (hopefully) final phase of restrictions.

Watch your favourite films

What’s your go-to film at the end of the day? Frozen, the Marvel franchise or even the new Dolittle? Sit back and relax with some snacks and a film while laughing along with your bubble.

Try something new

When you’re juggling a busy social schedule, you may not have the time to try your hand at something new so now is the perfect time. Whether it’s baking, crafting or taking up exercise, have fun learning a new activity in place of your usual social calendar.

Stay active

Joe Wicks had the right idea with his morning PE sessions, it’s proven that staying active increases the happy hormones in your body. If your emotions become overwhelming, take a quick walk around the garden and see if it helps to lift your spirits.

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