We’re delighted to announce the launch of SUAT’s 5th podcast episode. Last term was all about bringing our schools and their local communities together, as well as encouraging our pupils to contribute their thoughts on what they like or even love about where they live and learn. This inspired episode 5: Love where you live, love where you learn.

For this episode, we welcome Moorgate Primary Academy, John Wheeldon Primary Academy, St. Leonard’s First School and All Saint’s CE Primary School to talk about their latest news and events. We were thrilled to see so many teachers and pupils keen to get involved.

In section 3 of our most recent podcast, we hear stories from our Academies on their Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Teachers, pupils and their families enjoyed royal parties and picnics with lots of Queen themed activities, decorations, and sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. The children also took a minute to reflect on what the Jubilee meant to them, with many pupils commenting on how incredible it is that the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years and that she is an inspiration to them.

For sections 4 and 7, pupils at the four participating schools were invited to share some of the things they love about their local area and school. For example, some of the children of All Saint’s CE Primary Academy described their reasons for the things they love, commenting that their school is always full of life and learning and that the teachers in their school are all really friendly and helpful.

Next up, the children describe their first day at school as one of the happiest. Pupils of St. Leonard’s First School told us all about when they first arrived and how they felt welcome and excited to meet their new teachers and friends! The other children also describe their first day at school, telling us how they made lots of new friends and were looked after by their teachers.

Hope Kirkham, our Operations Manager, said: “I’m pleased to hear so many pupils and teachers from our Academies share their thoughts and feelings in the latest episode of our podcast. Community spirit is really important to SUAT, so listening to our pupils share what they love about their school and local area is humbling! I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the children and teachers at the four Academies for participating.”

Later in our podcast, the children and their teachers reflect on their school motto, its significance and meaning to them. One of the participating schools, John Wheeldon Primary Academy’s motto is, “We are proud of all we do”. Sharing with us the reasons why they love their school motto, one pupil explained: “I’m proud to go to school at John Wheeldon Primary Academy. Every lesson is fun and I love learning with my friends and doing something good makes my teachers and me proud.” We also hear from the school’s English teacher, who said: “At John Wheeldon Primary Academy, we try to live up to our motto by helping and supporting the children to do well so that they can feel proud of what they have achieved. Their success is our success!”

To conclude, the children of Moorgate Primary Academy, John Wheeldon Primary Academy, St. Leonard’s First School and All Saint’s CE Primary School sing songs and recite their favourite poems. We also share special performances by the lucky winners and shortlisted entries from the SUAT 100 Word competition: “Love where you live, love where you learn.”

We’re also thrilled to have a member of the SUAT Leadership team share some interesting facts on how they work with schools to support their individual identities. They also cover how MAT schools can work collaboratively to support one another, and its benefits.

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We always welcome any ideas or feedback for the next episode that may be helpful or meaningful to you!

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