Our Trust’s aspirations are reflected in the culture and ethos of the academies, in the way in which our communities are built upon sensitivity, tolerance and the appreciation of difference; at the heart of our work is the education of the young people in our care. There is a whole Trust ethos based on Rights, Respect and Responsibility.

We are committed to providing a stimulating, varied and broad education. Our academies offer a wide range of extra activities as well as aspiring to good and outstanding academic standards. We want our pupils to be genuinely involved in the life of our academies, participating in decisions, interested in their learning and valuing the opportunities they have had. We are proud of their achievements, the quality of our teaching and the pastoral care we provide. We want our young people to leave our academies with ambition, an appetite for learning and the confidence to encounter the challenges and changes that will inevitably face them.

Staffordshire University Academies Trust believes that its academies should be at the heart of their communities; that education goes beyond the classroom and the school day, and that every person’s role within the Trust is to deliver outstanding provision in whatever sphere, so that maximum progress by the pupils can be made.

The Trust believes that these values should allow all stakeholders to excel and believe that there are no limits on individual achievements.  Our success will be measured against the values set out above.  The Trust recognises its responsibility to the development and welfare of staff, and where appropriate these values apply equally to them as well as pupils.

Our success is built upon partnership between parents, pupils, staff, local community groups and partners.  We believe in developing every aspect of the people within our communities so that they can live successful and fulfilled lives. To achieve this, each Academy adopts our values which are premised on our desire to provide an outstanding, inclusive learning experience for all pupils.

Statement of Intent

Our vision is to achieve better outcomes for all of our young people by:

  • raising standards of pupil progress by focussing on the core business of learning and teaching
  • delivering a skills based curriculum that is tailored to individual learning needs
  • promoting the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development of every learner
  • working together to maximise the power of mutual collaboration and support
  • sharing resources, staff, areas of expertise and facilities to achieve economies of scale
  • developing highly effective leadership at all levels and seeking to pool strategic capacity


At the same time our aim is to realise the values upon which SUAT is founded. In order to do this we will:

  • be non-selective and operate a truly comprehensive and fair admissions system
  • build our partnership on mutual respect and trust
  • seek to engage effectively and inclusively with our local communities
  • welcome and support innovation
  • have high expectations of all young people and one another
  • recognise that effective partnership working is the responsibility of all to sustain and nurture and is not reliant upon individuals
  • seek to recognise the distinctive ethos and celebrate the traditions of all of the Academies in the MAT Our success is built upon partnership between parents, pupils, staff, local community groups and global partners.  We believe in developing every aspect of the people within our communities so that they can live successful and fulfilled lives. To achieve this each Academy must adopt our values which are premised on our desire to provide an outstanding, inclusive learning experience for all pupils regardless of their ability.

We will realise our values by promoting:

Desired Outcome:

“Children, young people and their families will report that Staffordshire is a great place to live, play, learn and achieve in. A place where they feel safe and can lead healthy lives and that offers them a successful future.”

Maximise Progress and Attainment

Every pupil is enabled to achieve the best qualifications that they can, allowing them to progress to relevant education or training and fulfil their career ambitions.

Outstanding Delivery

Outstanding teaching and learning and a curriculum which meets all pupils’ individual learning and developmental needs


Ensure all pupils and their families are ambitious and focused on achieving the very best for themselves and others, and that underperformance is challenged through support and personal development

Personal responsibility

Our values will enable our young people to demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations effectively. This skill set provides the foundation for academic achievement, maintenance of good health, and civic engagement in a democratic society

Building future success

Enable each member of the learning community to develop a full knowledge of the opportunities open to them and to develop the skills of self-confidence, resilience, imagination, enterprise, creativity and enquiry required to succeed now, when they leave SUAT Academies, and in later life


Social emotional development is the process through which children and adults acquire the skills to recognize and manage their emotions. We are seeking to promote personal development which enables all pupils to understand themselves and experience the best that has been thought, written, invented and created as an expression of the human condition

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing for themselves and their families

British Values

Our young people understand a range of different viewpoints, values and cultures in order to give context for their own value system, thus developing respect for diversity and an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities to others

Community Links and Volunteering

Form strong links with their local community including community organisations, other educational establishments, local authority agencies, the voluntary sector, faith groups and employers

Global citizens

Ensure all pupils recognise the interdependence of different cultures and countries across the globe in the past, now, and in the future, developing respect for others and being able to seize the opportunities this provides

Our History

Staffordshire University Academies Trust was formed in 2011. The Trust set itself four core objectives, in order to equip their pupils with outcomes and real life skills that prepare them for the digital world whilst giving them the resilience to adapt to their circumstances and lived experiences. These objectives are still at the heart of the Trust to this day:

  • Support our academies, staff and pupils in their journey to sustained outstanding performance through partnership, support and collaboration at all levels of the organisation.
  • Understand our communities in order to further improve our ability to raise aspirations and to inspire staff and pupils to maximise their full potential.
  • Aspire to a sustainable future for our academies so that outstanding achievement and progress can be secured for future generations of pupils.
  • Train, and support the wellbeing of, all staff so that they can be inspirational leaders and outstanding practitioners.

Keith Hollins

In 2015, SUAT appointed Keith Hollins as the first CEO of SUAT, a truly inspirational leader who was already considered a beacon for Staffordshire’s education community. Keith had a very strong record of driving educational standards and school improvement and his passion continued throughout his tenure at SUAT, where in just six years, he recruited a further 17 schools to join the Trust.

Keith’s belief in the part that education plays in improving the life chances of every single child in SUAT schools is what underpins the culture, vision and values that are none negotiable within SUAT’s community. There is a wealth of educational and business expertise throughout the Trust, all of whom will continue to work to that vision and maintain the whole Trust ethos of Rights, Respect and Responsibility.

Keith is considered within the Trust as “instrumental” in making it what it is today – one of the UK’s National MATs. His passion and vision were remarkable and collectively, those within the Trust will continue his legacy and improve the life chances of the children and adults of Staffordshire by providing them with a safe, happy and fulfilled educational career.

RIP Keith Hollins 1952 – 2021

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