SUAT is proud to confirm that John Wheeldon Primary Academy have been chosen as a Beacon School for Staffordshire County Council’s RADY (Raising Achievement for Disadvantaged Youngsters) program. Only a handful of schools were selected based on their commitment to removing barriers to learning for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The school has engaged with the program, run by Challenging Education, for a number of years – working to equip all pupils with the knowledge and skills they need for success. Beacon schools are able to show that they have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their pupils and can adapt their practices and curriculum to suit the individual needs. These schools work above and beyond to devise ways of ensure all their children make progress towards their full potential.

Challenge Education first worked with John Wheeldon, in conjunction with SUAT, several years ago, and the relationship between the two organisations has resulted in improved outcomes for the most vulnerable students.

Congratulations to John Wheeldon Primary Academy!